The organizers of ISEA2011 are inviting the Turkish and the international academic community to participate in the ISEA Education Workshop and the LEAF Workshop. The ISEA2011 Education Workshop on the theme of "brain drain/brain gain in art, science and technology" will provide the opportunity for engagement between local and international academics, foster personal links and research synergies, as well as provide the chance for young academics to gain contacts in these fields.

In the ISEA2011 Education Workshop the identification and discussion of specific key educational issues initiates the open exchange between educational experts and workshop participants. As the changes in economic and cultural landscapes are transforming consolidated realities - artists, scientists and academics that work at the intersection of art, science and technology around the world are adopting new strategies and models of production.

Who is gaining from these transformations and who is losing from them? Can Turkey be listed amongst the contemporary winners of these developments?

Between other issues affecting contemporary education we will focus on issues of interdisciplinarity and courses available in Turkey and internationally at the intersection of art, science and technology exploring their innovative methodologies. ISEA looks at the Education Workshops as an opportunity for established and young academics to develop new contacts and to foster new synergies both nationally and internationally.